This personal weather station is located in the Boulevard Neighborhood of Athens, Georgia. Information about the Boulevard area can be found at the web site of the Boulevard Neighborhood Association.

The weather station is an Oregon Scientific RMS600A, which is described on its packaging as "advanced weather station". The Oregon Scientific web site describes it, somewhat more accurately, as a "basic weather station". It reports current temperature and humidity, nothing else. (Dew point and heat index are calculated from those figures.) Any other values appearing on the weather station's page at Weather Underground -- wind speed and direction, pressure, and rainfall -- are spurious. Those fields should be blank.

Data from the weather station is collected by Weather Station Data Logger software running on an Asus eee pc model 4G, running Windows XP. This software supports two Oregon Scientific weather stations: WMR100 and RMS300. The RMS600 appears to be compatible.

Placement of the external temperature/humidity sensor does not conform to all the rules for proper installation. It is mounted on a column on a porch, open on three sides, but only ten feet away from a north-facing (angled slightly east of true north) brick wall. It is six feet above a concrete floor, five feet below the ceiling. The sensor is never in direct sunlight, but the facing wall and floor below it are sometime illuminated briefly during the early morning.

In practice, this weather station's temperature readings track somewhat reliably between the official airport temperature, and the UGA Geography Department's on-campus weather station, which is properly installed and maintained. It does, however, display some thermal inertia, lagging behind the temperatures reported at those locations and never quite reaching the daily maximum and minimum temperatures. The difference is typically two degrees or less.

However, as always, no guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the readings from this weather station. Critical decisions should not be made on the basis of these data.

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